Mastering The Art of Philanthropy


Philanthropy is an art in itself. There is power that comes with giving freely without expecting anything in return. You can lend a hand by using what you learn or your skills and passions to help make a difference in someone else’s life. There are a lot of ways to express the act of giving. It can really make someone’s day when you give something that really matters to that person, like love, time and attention, financial support and so on.

Philanthropy doesn’t necessarily mean providing money. You can do a lot of things like donating your time at a community soup kitchen and help give food to the needy who need it most. You can also become a volunteer in local institutions and give your services freely to the people and all those who seeks your services and reading more here by Jason Hope.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 10.42.51 AMEvery two seconds, someone is in need of a blood donation. You can donate your blood. All it takes is one hour of your time to give one pint of blood and you can donate every 56 days. It will be even better if you sponsor your own blood drive by contacting your local Red Cross.

How else can you give? You can try giving donation to your local charity. There are a lot of charities in the internet that you can check out. Make a research and choose the ones that are valid and legal. You can also donate your old furnitures that you nolonger use, clothes and other household goods that you rarely use.

You can also donate your old car. If you have a spare car laying around that you no longer use, you can donate that and receive a tax donation in return. Just make sure that the charity you choose is legit and reliable. Otherwise you donation can go to waste if you are fooled by some fake car donation charity. So better be cautious when choosing your charity so you won’t have any problem at all.

Mastering philanthropy takes a lot of time and patience. There are many approved habits that we can follow in our daily lives so that this habits can have any effect at all. You can give anything that can be of use to the receiver.

Philanthropy, in its basic form will always be needed to stabilize the lives of the less fortunate among us. But once stability has been achieved and the basic needs are met, the efforts should move to a reward based system of assistance that will undercut the need or desire for handouts.

In conclusion the only problem with philanthropy is that it is always received, never earned. All that is required from a receiver of charity is that he be in the right place at the right time when the handouts are taking place. The process begins and ends there until the next round when the same thing is repeated. Philanthropy soon becomes a way of life and those that receive it tailor the way they live around it perhaps hoping for more, but making do with what they receive. It may sound harsh but these people will never become productive members of society.

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