What are the keys to designing a website that converts?

Your website may look pretty with all the bells and whistles you could possibly have, but is this grabbing your visitors attention and keeping them engaged. Ultimately, the purpose of your website is to convert visitors into customers. So, what is the key to a great web design nyc that also converts? With only up to 8 seconds to grab attention and the majority of visitors not ready to buy, you need to step up your web design long island game plan. Some of the highest converting sites are doing these five key things to their website, and you should be too.

Landing Pages
The more landing pages a business has on their site, the more leads are generated. Landing pages are your number one lead generation tool. You can target a particular audience from a variety of sources such as a pay-per-click ad or an email campaign. Use Long Island SEO to help boost traffic and up website performance. If you don’t have a special landing page for the service or promotion you are offering, you are seriously losing out on major business. For example, if you send an email out to your customers about a webinar you are promoting, and you link your home page that just has your basic static information, then how will they know what to do? At this point, you’ve lost them. A landing page specifically created to promote your webinar will not only get you more business, but you now have captured information about who your customer is and where they came from. Now you can start brainstorming and create your arsenal of landing pages and blow your business out of the water!


Site speed
No one likes a slow loading website. It’s extremely frustrating for the visitor and today, people want their information faster than the speed of light. By having even a 1-second slowdown on your site’s speed can result in a pretty hefty reduction of conversions. You should have your site tested for speed and if it’s not up to par, then you should get it fixed faster than you can say the word, “download.”

Call to Action
Your visitor has arrived at your site. This is your opportunity to get them to do something while they are there and you have to make it quick! A clear call to action can get you a conversion just by telling them what to do. For example, if you are selling insurance, you can give your potential customers the option to get a quote instantly. Your call to action can be, “Get an insurance quote now.” They are then taken to a landing page where they fill out their personal credentials to get their instant quote. Now you have their contact information for a follow-up call or email to close the sale.


Clear and unique value proposition
When a visitor gets to your site, they should be able to see clearly on both your home page and landing page the reason why they should give you their business and what they are going to get out of it. There may be hundreds of companies online that are just like yours, but how are your product and service different from the rest?  A Long Island SEO company can be a great deal to keep organized. Are you offering free shipping on your products? Will they get a free e-book download? Are you offering a special discount if they order within the next few hours? Whatever it is that you are giving your potential customer, it has to be very clear and show a benefit.

Keep your forms short. No one likes to fill out too much information. Keep your form fields under 15. If your visitor has to fill out more than that, they will most likely bounce off of your site, and you’ve just lost potential business. If you’ve gotten them to that page where they are ready, willing and able to fill out some information, don’t make it overwhelming for them.